Freezing Fat with Ice / Gel

Present of fats in certain parts of the body makes a lot of problems on the liver, heart, skin, abdomen and face.

All the body affected by fat and youth turned into older one. So, the scientistis found anew technique to ride off the fat cell with out affecting the surrounding of it by freezing fat cells that will be a quick solution than surgery or long term diets.

The apparatus used in this technique look like a vacuum cleaner rather than a fat-wasting device. But this device does what many people dream of getting rid of excess fat without any effort.

A technique known as “lipo-fat-freezing” provides a solution for those who suffer from excess abdominal fat, and thighs. This device is marketed as an alternative to liposuction, there is no need for injection, scalpel, or no scarring. This device uses low heat to kill excess fat cells, without distorting the appearance of the skin and get rid off the dead cells from the liver. These devices are called “Cryolipolysis”.

Does this technique fit with all fat people?

1 – The technique of freezing fat is not safe for people under the age of 18 years.

2 – Some special health conditions do not allow the use of this technique for patients with hepatitis.

3 – Do not use the freezing technology for people, who suffer from excessive obesity, only use this technique with people, who weigh more than 10% from the ideal weight.

4 – The technique of cracking or freezing of fat is appropriate in the abdomen, forearms and arms.

5 – the possibility of returning fat to the region, which was frozen in the absence of healthy diet or exercise.

6 – Side effects of the use of the technique of freezing fat limited to the sensitivity of the skin.

7 – Do not use the technique of fat freezing to the face and neck

8 – Fat-freezing technology is not expensive compared to other devices and topical surgical operations such as veser and others.